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With the increasing demands on your time, it seems there are never  enough hours
in the day to get it all done. Work, family, friends, activities…when is there time for
you to enjoy dinner with your family, lunch with a friend, take the kids to the park, or
read a good book?
The Ferri Godmother, LLC provides a personal assistant to manage time stealing
tasks so you can restore your life and work balance.
We are dedicated to providing a host of professional, dependable and superior
services.  We are flexible and will be happy to tailor services to meet your needs.
There are no membership commitments to utilize our services. Our goal is to
restore time to your life, so you can enjoy fun and freedom to do as you please.
So give The Ferri Godmother a call, and  together we can grant your wish, giving
you back the time you deserve so you can concentrate on what is important to you
and your family.
Who can use our personal assistant and errand service?
  • Couples both working full-time jobs
  • Single moms wanting more time with their children
  • Professionals: attorneys, doctors, realtors, teachers
  • Seniors and/or Retired Individuals
  • New mothers needing some extra help
  • Brides looking for an extra pair of hands
  • People who just need some time to have fun
Please contact us for a free consultation.
The Ferri Godmother is fully insured.
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The Ferri Godmother, LLC
"Your Time Is My Business"